Humboldt Broncos survivor Dahlgren has written a book on his story and the horrific crash

The book comes out in March and is prefaced by none other than Wayne Gretzky.


One of the survivor of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash has written a memoir and we cannot wait to support him. Kaleb Dahlgren was one of 13 people injured back on April 6, 2018, when a semi-tractor-trailer ran a stop sign at highways’ intersection, slamming into the Broncos’ bus. Sixteen people on the bus died in the crash.

Dahlgren was inspired to write Crossroads, which will come out on March, 16th and wanted to chronicle his life, he who lives with type 1 diabetes, such as NHL stars Max Domi, Kakko Kappo and Luke Kunin. He is proud to present a book that tells a story of tragedy and resilience.

“Crossroads chronicles my life from childhood up to the end of summer 2019. There are many different themes throughout the book and several things that only a few know about me!” he posted on Instagram.

“Writing this memoir was challenging, emotional, cathartic, and enlightening.”

He humbly writes that his story is just one of 29 from the bus on that tragic day in April.

“I decided to get out of my comfort zone and grow as an individual, so that hopefully this helps someone when they face crossroads in their own life,” he said.

What is great about this book as well is that a portion of its proceeds will be donated to STARS Ambulance.

“They helped save lives on April 6th, 2018, and continue to every day. There is nothing more powerful than a second chance at life,” Dahlgren said.

We get the feeling from the cover page, shared by Dahlgren on his Instagram account that Wayne Gretzky has contributed to preface the book. 

We cannot wait to support Dahlgren and his memoir.