Humboldt crash survivor sends powerful message to all those stuck at home.

Powerful words.

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Things in our daily lives are certainly not optimal for many of us these days and the unfortunate reality is that this type of social isolation can often lead to depression or other issues, not to mention the incredible financial and physical burden that has been placed on so many of us out there. Keeping all that in mind you could hardly blame anyone for feeling sorry for themselves during a time like this, however one very young and very wise man has shared some wisdom on social media that we would like to pass on to you. 

On Saturday Tyler Smith took to social media to send a powerful message to all of those suffering as a result of this global catastrophe and was quick to remind us all that we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to enjoying every breath we have, in large part because there are many who are no longer among us that would have loved to be in our shoes as bad as these times may be. Smith of course is one of the few survivors of the horrific Humboldt crash that rocked Canada just two years ago now, a man that has plenty of experience overcoming terrible adversity and great personal tragedy. 

Here was his message:

The anniversary of the worst day of my life is 2 days away.. I just wanted to remind you all that when this is over... live in the moment, enjoy the little things, be grateful for the people around you, take photos, hug a little harder, love a little stronger. Miss you all

Smith lost many friends that day and would no doubt give a great deal to be able to hug or love those he lost again, again a stark reminder to be grateful for all that we have even at a difficult time like this. Smith now honors the 16 people he lost on that day, 16 people he now calls his angels, with a tattoo that he got on his shoulder representing all 16 of the people lost on that terrible day in Canadian history. 

Take Smith's advice, both his heart and his head are in the right place on this one.