Humiliated Rangers’ fan claims he was screwed out of expensive NHL Stadium Series tickets!
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Humiliated Rangers’ fan claims he was screwed out of expensive NHL Stadium Series tickets!

Unbelievable. The poor guy…



Sunday’s 2024 NHL Stadium Series between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders was supposed to be the event of the year for many hockey fans, including Anthony Dos Santos of Newark. After all, he had spent $1,644.95 on tickets in October through a presale code on Ticketmaster and had plan of full day of activities with his family before getting to his seats to watch the game.

He never got to see the players in action… That’s because once he showed up at the stadium, Dos Santos claims he was informed that all eight tickets he bought for him and his family had already been scanned. He added that the MetLife Stadium employees did not make an effort to resolve the issue, and his group was not allowed into the game. He shared the incident with the Post, who investigated into Dos Santos’ claims and found that he had indeed purchased and received confirmation for tickets in section 103 for Sunday’s rivalry matchup between the Rangers and Islanders and a bank statement showed he was charged more than $1,500 for the tickets.

“I spent 3.5 hours before the game in 30-degree weather tailgating excited with a group of over 10 of my closest family members and friends, and when we got to the door of MetLife stadium we were told the 8 tickets I was scanning were ‘scanned already an hour ago,’” Dos Santos wrote.

Dos Santos explained how he provided the stadium staff with “every single ounce of proof” to show he had been the one who had purchased the tickets, also showing his Ticketmaster account which indicated that the tickets hadn’t been sold prior to the game. He had to since a MetLife Stadium employee had suggested he might have sold his tickets and still attempted to enter the Stadium.

“They basically told me they couldn’t do anything for me at all,” Dos Santos said about the MetLife Stadium employees. “They were rude and dismissive and when I asked if they could go to my seats and verify with the other people who they claimed scanned, they said no. And told me to go get a refund.”

Before he was contacted by Ticketmaster, who informed him when he called that he would hear from a supervisor in 24-48 hours, Dos Santos shared his unfortunate experience on social media, getting compassion from hundreds of fans.

“MetLife stadium could have gotten me into that game if they wanted to or cared enough, especially because my family and I could tell that they knew it was Ticketmaster that was the issue, not me,” he said.

“My family was humiliated and left without a life memory because of things out of our control.”

The Rangers reached out to Dos Santos on social media and are planning on hosting him for an upcoming game after hearing about his ordeal.

I bet he will have a much better experience with the Rangers at the Madison Square Garden than he unfortunately did at MetLife Stadium for this once in a lifetime event.

The Rangers ended up rallying back in the third period of the Stadium Series game to get a 6-5 win over the Islanders. Let’s hope there is a win for Dos Santos and his family over Ticketmaster in the near future.

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