Hurricanes captain Justin Williams addresses the Brad Marchand incident in Game 2.

Williams responds after putting his team in a hole.

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Full credit to Carolina Hurricanes captain Justin Williams here, he knows that he let Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand get the better of him in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final and at no point did he shy away from that after the loss.

The Bruins and Hurricanes of course faced off for Game 2 on Sunday afternoon and it was an abysmal afternoon for Williams and his Carolina Hurricanes. The Hurricanes had a nice little jump in their step early but it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the remainder of the game was thoroughly dominated by the Bruins. The Bruins would score 6 consecutive goals on the Hurricanes in Game 2 and goaltender Petr Mrazek was in net for every single one of them. At no point did the game look competitive and, although the Hurricanes would add some offense late in the game, there was no point after the 1st period in which the Hurricanes felt like they had any chance in this game.

It was perhaps that frustration that led to the incident that occurred between Williams and Marchand, although no doubt Marchand's legendary ability to get under the skin of the opposition played a role as well. The incident occurred during the 3rd and final period of Game 2 and the best way to generally describe it to you was that it was merely Marchand being Marchand or Marchand getting up to his old tricks again. 

As Williams went to skate off the ice after a stoppage in play he was hooked and dragged down by Brad Marchand, a play that should have earned the Bruins agitator a penalty. However the sneaky Marchand managed to get away with his foul gesture and that prompted Williams, who had just been dragged down to the ice by Marchand, to retaliate against the Bruins pest. That is of course exactly what Marchand was hoping to get out of Williams in the first place however. 

Williams would grab Marchand by the face and then eventually by his chin strap and appeared to be saying something that I'm sure was not very kind. Unfortunately for Williams though although the officials missed the call on Marchand, they caught him red handed. 

Williams was asked about the incident after the game and his words left no doubt about how he feels.

“I’m disappointed in myself,” said the captain as per Postmedia

His most memorable quote however came when he described the whole situation as a delicious sandwich.

 “sometimes you gotta eat a poop sandwich. It doesn’t taste good but you gotta chew on it”

I for one can't wait to see more of these 2 in Game 3.