Hurricanes challenge the Avalanche to a retro Whalers vs Nordiques game!

Old school hockey! Love it!

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Look… as hockey fans there’s maybe not much we all agree on. You love your team, I hate them. I love my team, you hate them. You love Tom Wilson, your buddy think he’s a punk. You hate Sidney Crosby, your other buddy calls him better than Gretzky. The list goes on and on.

But there’s one thing we can all agree on… it’s an absolute travesty that there are no more Whalers or Nordiques jerseys in the NHL.

I mean… come ON!

Just look at these crisp duds:

Are you KIDDING me!? All green for the Whalers and baby blue for the Nords... seriously under-utilized colors in today's NHL. You may remember, of course, that the Carolina Hurricanes brought back the Whalers jerseys for a couple games last season.

Check it out:

Pretty sick, right?

Now there's talk that the Colorado Avalanche may re-boot the classic Nordiques look for next season. One anonymous team executive made headlines this past weekend when he said that next season represents an opportunity for the team to go back to its roots and embrace the Nordiques' look. Well... the Whalers... er Hurricanes have stepped up to issue the challenge: You wear your baby blues and we'll bring our greens.

Check it out:

The only thing better would be if they played at the old Colisee de Quebec, but the classic barn is slated for demolition this summer after officially closing its doors in 2015.

Let's throw things back old school!