Hurricanes looking to change their logo.

Hurricanes looking to change their logo.

The Carolina Hurricanes have tested out 6 new logos, but not everyone is loving them.

Jonathan Larivee

It is always exciting when a sports team is considering a rebrand or a new look, but that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment or even disgust if things are not handled correctly.

That's why the Carolina Hurricanes, who are apparently considering a logo change, decided to send out some feelers to their fans via email according to The Jersey Nerds. They report that fans received an email containing 6 different variations of a new logo for the Carolina Hurricanes, all of which I thought were pretty mediocre.

One of the logos is simply a big red letter "C", two more of the logos keep much of the original design but add a little bit of a twist, and the final three struck me as something that looks very much like a logo you would see in Major League Baseball, like for the Baltimore Orioles for example. None of them seemed truly inspired if I'm being honest, and I most definitely wasn't blown away by any of them.

This might come as a bit of a dissapointment for fans given that the Hurricanes have been pretty spot on with their branding and marketing as of late. For example their reverse retro jersey that paid tribute to the Hartford Whalers was among the best received designs in the entire league.

What do you guys think of these logos? Do any of them stand out to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.