Hurricanes lose another controversial goaltender interference penalty

Rod the Bod's gonna have to open his wallet again!

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In case you missed it yesterday,Carolina Hurricneas head coach Rod Brind'Amour earned himself a $25,000 fine after absolutely going off on the NHL and its officiating for blowing a call in his team's Game 1 OT loss to the Boston Bruins. Brind'Amour was absolutely incensed with the game's officiating and even went so far as to call the NHL a "joke" due to a botched coach's review on the Bruins' second goal.

For context, here's the play in question:

Brind'Amour argues that the goal should have never been allowed due to an illegal hand pass when Bruins forward Nick Ritchie knocked the puck out of midair. The refs ruled though that Mrazek had possession of the puck though by freezing it, negating the hand pass. But... how did Mrazek freeze the puck if the whistle never went? He either had possession and the whistle should have blown or he didn't and the call should be an illegal hand pass. Instead though, the referees offered no explanation and the goal was allowed to stand.

This is when Brind'Amour went off.

“This is why the league’s a joke, in my opinion, on these things,” Brind’Amour told The News & Observer. “That one is a crime scene.”
“They came to me, and I said, ‘If he has possession of it then it’s goalie interference. If he doesn’t have possession then it’s a hand pass. It’s one of the two. I don’t know what you’re calling on the ice,’” Brind’Amour said. “All he has to do is tell me. ‘We’re calling it nonpossession (by Mrazek),’ then we’re challenging a glove-hand pass. If it’s possession, then goaltender interference. I said, ‘Tell me the call on the ice.’ They wouldn’t do it when I say, ‘What is the call?’ So I had to flip a coin. ...

That harsh criticism earned Rod the Bod a slap on the wrist and a $25,000 fine. Ouch.

Tonight, Brind'Amour and the Hurricanes suffered yet another setback due to a disagreement with the officials on what exactly goalie interference is. Midway through the third period with the game tied 2-2, Hurricanes forward Sebastian Aho appeared to put his team up 3-2 but the play was immediately waived off due to goalie interference.

Here's the play in question:

Brind'Amour used his Coach's Challenge to challenge the call on the ice and reverse it to a "good goal" call. The call? No goal due to goalie interference.

Brind'Amours reaction:

Personally, I can't wait to hear his post-game comments.