“I would absolutely trade Erik Karlsson!”

NHL insiders talk about the potential biggest trade of the year!

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During the second intermission of the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers' game on Saturday, the Sportsnet panel discussed the hottest issues going around in the National Hockey League. 

While Elliotte Friedman explained what took place with the Ottawa Senators and star defenseman Erik Karlsson, who publicly announced that he would not accept a discount to stay with the team who selected him in the first round back in 2008, Nick Kypreos revealed how he felt about the situation. 

As Sens general manager Pierre Dorion is said to be looking to trade several key players of the team, Kypreos wondered if Karlsson would even be interested to remain with Ottawa, not knowing if the group of guys around him can help him clinch a championship. 

At the same time, Kypreos commented that it would be crazy for the Sens to pay a player $12 million a season to only surround him by players who cannot help him down the line. 

"I would absolutely trade Erik Karlsson!" Absolutely!" Kypreos said, which seemed to surprise his panel colleagues. 

Friedman still believes we won't see a trade happening with the star blue liner, but now, who knows?!