ICYMI: Main Event at center ice on Saturday night.

ICYMI: Main Event at center ice on Saturday night.

Fans were expecting a heavyweight showdown on Saturday, and Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe delivered.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans of the National Hockey League were expecting a main event level fight between veteran NHL enforcer Ryan Reaves of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the new kid on the block, Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers.

Initially it looked as though we wouldn't get anything out of these two after Reaves' initial challenge to Rempe not only went unanswered, but was ignored entirely by the young rookie.

That would largely remain the status quo for the majority of the game, but things would take a drastic shift late in the second period after Rempe delivered this hit to Maple Leafs defenseman Ilya Lyubushkin:

The hit would result in Lyubushkin leaving the game after favoring his head for several moments on the bench, and that in turn would put a target on Rempe's back.

Reaves would eventually find his man with 6 minutes left to go on the clock and, after a quick glance over at the Rangers bench, Rempe would accept the challenge from Reaves and deliver the main event level heavyweight fight that many fans had been anticipating.