ICYMI: Marchand absolutely rocks the ref!

Just a reminder to always keep your head up when Marchy’s on the ice.

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In case you missed it, midway through the third period of last night’s 2-1 overtime win for the Boston Bruins over the Ottawa Senators Bruins forward Brad Marchand was sent flying into one of the on ice officials, rocking him hard and sending him to the ice.

Check it out:

Obviously Marchand isn’t to blame here as it was Sens forward Ryan Dzingel who propelled Marchand into the ref, but regardless it’s Brad Marchand we’re talking about here…. which means that every Bruins hater online came out to slam Marchand for what is CLEARLY an accident.

In the end though, it was Marchand who had the last laugh as his Bruins put together their second consecutive victory after struggling with three losses in a row the week before.