ICYMI: NHLer’s career may be over due to alcohol relapse.

As per his agent “His career is in jeopardy,”

ICYMI: NHLer’s career may be over due to alcohol relapse.

“His career is in jeopardy,” said his agent

Ribeiro has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, this stint in Nashville was supposed to be his last chance at keeping his NHL career alive.

In the past he also faced criminal accusations as her attorney, Larry Friedman said that his client was sexually assaulted by Ribeiro soon after she had graduated from high school, though she did not immediately go to authorities because she was “terrified.”

Earlier this season, as many thoughts his problems were behind him, things turned out differently when the Nashville Predators put Ribeiro’s name on the waivers. The rumors were running about the fact that he was a distraction in the locker room. The Predators shortly after assigned Mike Ribeiro to AHL Milwaukee.

We know, as reported by NHL insider Richard Labbé who met with Bob Perno (Ribeiro’s agent), that his career may be over due to alcohol relapse. Ribeiro is no longer a member of the Nashville Predators and is taken under the NHL substance abuse program.

I’m out of the woods, but the woods are never far away,” he continued. “One bad day, one drink can be enough to get me in trouble. I won my Stanley Cup, but now I need to keep it.” Said Ribeiro in 2014 after he went public on his triumphs over alcohol and drug battle. “I don’t want my kids to become what I became,” he said. “I don’t want to give them the same problems I had, to become an addict.” He added at the time.

We wish him the best in his battle against his own demon. It’s not an easy battle and we hope he will get out of it stronger than ever.