Ilya Bryzgalov will earn more money than Hart and Elliott this season!

That’s gotta hurt the Flyers…

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Fingers might have been pointing at the Vegas Golden Knights and Montreal Canadiens for investing so much of their money in their goaltending duo for the upcoming seasons, nothing was said about the Philadelphia Flyers and the way they managed their money in between the pipes. 

While the contracts to both Carter Hart and Brian Elliott are quite affordable, something still isn’t right in Philly. The things is: the Flyers' highest paid goaltender next season will not be the young goalie Hart ($ 730,833) or even their veteran backup Elliott ($ 1.5M), it will be none other than Ilya Bryzgalov.

Even though he hasn't played a single professional NHL game since 2015, the 40-year-old netminder will cash in a huge sum of $ 1,643 million in salary from the Flyers next season, making him the highest paid goalie on the roster.

To make things worse, we will be able to mock the Flyers for a long time with this. The nine-year contract Bryzgalov signed back in 2011, which was bought out in 2013, will force Flyers’ management to pay him  $ 1.643M each year until the 2026-27 season.

Money matters and here, the Flyers will have to deal with this huge useless expense for many years, including the tougher ones coming up in the NHL with the COVID-19 pandemic and the flattened salary cap. 

Wow! More money, mo’ problems…