Ilya Samsonov drops F-Bomb in post-game interview.

Ilya Samsonov drops F-Bomb in post-game interview.

Ilya Samsonov was fired up after picking up a big shutout victory over the Buffalo Sabres.

Jonathan Larivee

It has been a rollercoaster of a season for Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov. Samsonov began the season as the team's #1 goaltender but would eventually find himself demoted all the way down to the American Hockey League after a tough stretch of play earlier in the season. Since then the Russian netminder has worked diligently to find his game and that seemingly paid off in a big way on Saturday night when Samsonov shut out the Buffalo Sabres on their home ice.

It was a huge bounce back came for Samsonov who was coming off of a terrible outing against the Buffalo Sabres when he had faced them earlier this season. In that game Samsonov would give up 5 goals and the Maple Leafs would give up 9 in total, giving some extra meaning to this game for the emotional netminder.

When he was asked about his big shutout win on Saturday night, Samsonov referenced that ugly loss to the Sabres earlier in the season, even dropping an F-bomb to show just how unhappy he was about the whole situation.

"I don’t remember what I do here last time? Nine goals? Fuck this shit. I feel good right now. That’s a long time ago. I don’t remember.”" said a fired up Samsonov.

It seems like Samsonov is looking to forget that ugly game and put it in the past behind him as he moves forward, and what better way to wipe the slate clean then by posting a shutout against the very same team.