Ilya Samsonov hunched over in pain as he leaves the ice.

Ilya Samsonov hunched over in pain as he leaves the ice.

The Toronto Maple Leafs number one goaltender left the ice and appeared to be in pain on Saturday morning.

Jonathan Larivee

A terrible scene for the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday morning.

As previously reported, Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov has left the team's morning skate on Saturday after suffering an apparent injury during practice.

The injury occurred after Samsonov made a save and fell awkwardly to the ice, it is unclear if the shot itself or the subsequent fall was the cause of the injury to the Maple Leafs goaltender.

The first images of the moments following that fall were captured on video thanks to Maple Leafs reporter David Alter, and they are not comforting. In the video, Samsonov can be seen leaving the ice, hunched over in pain, and the discomfort he is feeling is obvious all the way through.

Perhaps most concerning however is the clear anger being felt by the normally jovial Samsonov, who can be seen throwing his stick in a rage as he leaves the ice.

Stay tuned for more updates on this quickly developing story.