Ilya Samsonov shares details on his injury and future with the Maple Leafs.

Ilya Samsonov shares details on his injury and future with the Maple Leafs.

The Russian netminder spoke to the media on Monday and shared more information about the injury he suffered in Game 3.

Jonathan Larivee

The second round exit of the Toronto Maple Leafs was a disappointing one for all of their players and fans, but perhaps no one suffered more during those excruciating final moments than Maple Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov.

After guiding his team though the entire regular season and the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Samsonov's playoff journey was cut short in Game 3 of the second round when he was bulldozed by teammate Luke Schenn. The collision knocked Samsonov out of Game 3 and forced him to watch the remainder of the series from the sidelines due to an injury.

On Monday, Samsonov revealed that he had injured his neck during the incident with Schenn but was thankfully able to indicate that things don't seem to be too serious.

"For a few days after this incident I feel bad," said a somber looking Samsonov. "I feel better right now you know? I skate one time before our last game. Nothing crazy it's just the sport."

The end of season media availability also gave Samsonov an opportunity to discuss his future with the team, and he made it clear he wants to remain a Maple Leaf.

"I wanna stay here it's no surprise yeah for everybody?" said Samsonov with a smile. "We'll see. It's not my work anymore... my agents will probably... its be good."

In spite of his at times broken English, Samsonov always comes off as incredibly sincere in his comments and no doubt that has endeared him to many fans of the Maple Leafs.