IMPORTANT trade rumor emerges out of Chicago to clear cap space.

Few players on the trading block. Definitely a tough call to make.

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IMPORTANT Trade Rumor Emerges Out of Chicago to Clear Cap Space

Things are moving fast in Chicago these days. Many were seeing the Chicago Blackhawks going for a long Stanley Cup Playoffs again this year. Things turned out totally different as they’ve been eliminated in 4 games against the brilliant defensive squad of the Nashville Predators. 

At $2.8 million per year, Panik left money on the table but credit to the player for knowing a good fit when he sees one. Smart decision. However, Chicago did not set cap space problems at all.

You have to believe an important trade will emerge out of Chicago to clear some cap space and adjust flaws following early elimination against the Nashville Predators.

You have to think CHI will try to trade Kruger/Anisimov this offseason to clear cap space. Panik signing eats up all their remaining cap space.” Tweeted Matthew Hedge, Analyst by trade.