In honor of the late Jimmy Buffett: The Kaner Shuffle.

In honor of the late Jimmy Buffett: The Kaner Shuffle.

Honoring the life of the late Jimmy Buffett with my favorite hockey moment featuring the legendary singer.

Jonathan Larivee

On Friday the world learned of the passing of legendary American singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett. Since then reactions have poured in with just about everyone celebrating Buffett's remarkable life, and I will be no exception.

When thinking back on my favorite hockey-related Jimmy Buffett moment I will admit that I didn't have to think very hard, as there was a clear winner in my eyes. For this one we are going to take you back to 2014 when a very young looking Patrick Kane waddled onto the stage where Buffet was playing, Stanley Cup in hand.

It wasn't the Stanley Cup that made the moment memorable however and instead it was a combination of Buffett's music and Patrick Kane's dance move that will make the moment, known lovingly as "The Kaner Shuffle," live on long after most of us have come and gone.

The video below, courtesy of the Blackhawks and Blackhawks TV, not only features the iconic moment itself, but also Kane's reaction to his performance on stage. Even better than Kane's reaction however is the reaction of his teammates, which also reveals where the name "The Kaner Shuffle" originated.

I can only hope that it makes you smile as much as it makes me smile every time I see it, and I would like to believe that Jimmy Buffett would appreciate being remembered with a moment that brought joy to so many.