Inside Phil Kessel's locker room speech before Game 5
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Inside Phil Kessel's locker room speech before Game 5

Phil the Thrill! A classic!



Ladies and gentlemen, Philip Joseph Kessel Jr. is a three time Stanley Cup champion.

Kessel may not have factored into things as much this time around as he did in his first two Stanley Cup championships, but you can't deny the fact that the man is a winner. Pure and simple. He wins. That's what he does.

You know what else he does? He fires up the boys by talking trash like no one else.

Teammate Jonathan Marchessault was on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast with former NHLer's Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney earlier today, where he shared an incredible story about Kessel firing up the boys prior to their Game 5 Stanley Cup clinching victory.

In short, Kessel just wanted the boys to win so he wouldn't have to endure another cross-continental flight back to Florida for Game 6.

Check it out:

"He's a character. Like the way he speaks, the way he says things. He comes in before Game 5... and he's like, 'if you guys fucking lose this game and I have to fucking fly to Florida and back, I'll be pissed.

- Jonathan Marchessault

And, evidently, that speech was enough to spur the boys onto victory. Do I sense a future as a motivational coach for old Phil the Thrill?

Source: Spittin' Chiclets