Insider calls for NHL coach to be fired 9 games into the season.

Insider calls for NHL coach to be fired 9 games into the season.

A National Hockey League insider believes that it is already time for at least one NHL head coach to be fired.

Jonathan Larivee

We are less than one full month into the regular season and already we are hearing calls for heads to roll in the National Hockey League.

We technically have yet to see a head coach fired this season, with former Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Mike Babcock being fired before the season even began, but if one NHL insider gets his way it may not be very long before we do. Recently insider Frank Seravalli was asked about the status of Ottawa Senators head coach D.J. Smith in the wake of former Senators general manager Pierre Dorion being fired this week, and Seravalli did not have a lot of positive things to say about the Sens bench boss.

Specifically Seravalli was asked if it was time to fire Smith, and he shared his honest opinion on the situation.

"I say yes," said Seravalli as per Daily Face Off. "The Senators woke up in a familiar position on Friday, in last place in their division. By no means do I think their lack of success is all Smith’s fault, but at some point, change is necessary when you continue to achieve the same disappointing results with a roster that we all seem to believe is a pretty good collection of talent."

Not only is Seravalli not impressed by the results that the Senators have put up just 9 games into the regular season, but he also expressed his concern regarding Smith's lengthy tenure behind the bench with no success to show for it.

"This is his fifth season in a league where if you don’t get results, you’re out on your ass in two and a half," added the insider.

The Senators are now under the guidance of a new ownership group, one that has already shown they will make tough decisions when faced with them. Could this also spell the end of D.J. Smith? Seravalli certainly seems to think that it should.

"The Senators have underachieved, plain and simple," said the insider in conclusion. "Time to move on."