Insider reveals more details of the NHL's treatment of John Scott.

This is just unreal.

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NHL All-Star John Scott dropped a bombshell on the National Hockey League today when he revealed why he remained so determined to remain in the All-Star game, and now more information is coming to the surface.

Sportsnet hockey insider Elliotte Friedman was a guest on Sportsnet 960 Radio in Calgary to discuss the suspension of Calgary Flame Dennis Wideman, however during the interview Friedman was asked about the situation with Scott and he was candid with his thoughts.

As transcribed by Nichols on Hockey:

“Yeah, and you know it’s interesting. It’s amazing to me just what comes in and what comes out. What information gets out at what time. I’m a reporter, so I understand this. Sometimes things get kept until later, and then people feel more interested in talking about it."

“But to me, it’s amazing that – I had heard there had been some really ugly conversations between Scott and the league. Did I know what the content of those were? No. I had heard some rumors. But I never heard that one, the one today where, ‘How would your girls feel about you playing?’ I never had any inkling of that."

So it turns out attempting to use his kids against him wasn't the only "ugly conversation" the NHL had with Scott, and as for why the information only came out today? According to Friedman Scott felt like he had nothing left to lose.

“The thing that’s really interesting to me is that Scott did a thousand interviews, and he never mentioned that. And then today it got out and he mentioned it directly.

“Obviously that’s not right. There’s no excuse for that. You shouldn’t – I know if somebody brought my kids into it, I would just be steaming.

“But I look at it like this – he basically comes right out and it just shows to me just how ugly the relationship was between the league and John Scott at the end. How bad it is. And he thinks clearly, to me, that he’s been banished."

It turns out the John Scott may not have been the only one to be on the wrong end of the NHL's frustrations, an entire organization may have been punished for their part in all of this.

“I think the league was mad at Arizona and still might be mad at Arizona. To me, this is why you don’t see any Coyotes in the All-Star game, because the league was really mad at them for trading him. I think they wanted them to wait.

“It just shows you how ugly this situation was behind the scenes and it’s going to be really interesting to see how this unfolds throughout the weekend.”

There's no other way to put it, the NHL has come off looking petty and bitter today, and it's not likely to be a day fans will soon forget.