Insider says there are whispers of relocation talk.

Insider Darren Dreger reveals whispers of relocation.

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TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger was a guest on TSN's 1040 radio today and had some interesting comments about potential relocation in the NHL.

For some context, Dreger first expressed his belief that the National Hockey League will expand in time for the 2017-2018 season, and that expansion will only include one team, as many have now suspected for some time, and that team will be in Las Vegas. This would of course be a major disappointment for Quebec City and for many NHL fans who want to see the city once again represented in the League.

While expansion may not be an option, at least not right now, there is always the possibility of relocation, and during the interview Dreger revealed there are some whispers in the NHL about that very possibility.

"There's always whispers and Carolina is always viewed as an obvious relocation target," said Dreger.

With that said Dreger expressed that Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos, Jr. has given him no indication that he intends to relocate, and gets angry when it's mentioned.

"But any conversation that I've been in with Peter Karmanos the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, he not only gets defensive but he gets confrontational and combative because he's offended by the suggestion that his team is that weak financially and has no interest in keeping that team afloat and should be considered a relocation target."

Despite the anger from Karamanos Dreger believes the NHL would consider relocation, and he even pointed to Quebec City as a likely candidate, with a beautiful new arena already in place.

"Yet you turn on the television or you attend a game in North Carolina and often is the night where it's just cavernous, it's just empty inside that building."

"The building in Quebec city is magnificent, it really is. If the league isn't willing to expand it has to be willing to consider relocation."