Insider slams the NHL over the Mark Stone situation.

Insider slams the NHL over the Mark Stone situation.

An NHL insider is speaking out about the big controversy surrounding the Vegas Golden Knights.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vegas Golden Knights have done what everyone expected them to do, they have activated Golden Knights captain Mark Stone for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

There will no doubt be plenty of outrage from opposing fans over this outcome and you can expect that to get amplified by several orders of magnitude each and every time the Golden Knights advance through a round in these playoffs, assuming that they manage to do so.

Outrage from fans is of course to be expected as fans often think with their hearts before their heads, but it hits a little different when that outrage is coming from one of the most respected voices in NHL media.

"Mark Stone expected to play Game 1 Vegas Golden Knights at Dallas Stars," said Frank Seravalli.

Seravalli then proceeded to go on a bit of a rant, entirely unprompted, calling out the NHL over it's lack of competitive integrity.

"I think the NHL, you didn't ask me this part, I think they've got a serious competitive integrity issue with Mark Stone coming back to play," added the insider.

Stone is of course dealing with a legitimate injury, but the insider doesn't feel that is a good enough excuse for what is currently transpiring in Vegas.

"I understand whatever the imaging might say, if Mark stone is healthy enough tonight he was healthy enough to play last week in the last couple regular season games which would have been impossible because they couldn't be cap compliant," said a fired up Seravalli.

Seravalli believes that Stone's status hasn't changed enough in the last few days to warrant a situation where the Golden Knights were able to significantly add to their roster at the deadline.

"They had no ability to activate him and at least Game 1 to start it feels like Vegas is rubbing everyone's nose in it," admitted Seravalli.

You can check out Seravalli's full comments below: