Insiders hint at 2 new NHL expansion teams.

Is this the future of the NHL?

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 1 year ago
Insiders hint at 2 new NHL expansion teams.

There may be something big brewing in the National Hockey League.

Over the course of the past several days, a pair of prominent figures in the media have strongly hinted at two new expansion teams coming to the world's premiere hockey league. Both locations are ones that have long since been tied to the NHL, albeit in different ways.

The first would be the return of a team to the Atlanta market, where the NHL famously failed in its first attempt with the Atlanta Thrashers. The second market would be a new venture in the state of Texas with a team coming to Houston, a location that has been rumored for years as a future NHL destination.

On Sunday, NHL insider Kevin Weekes appeared to hint at this being the case when he tweeted out a pair of emojis that indicated his lips were sealed when it comes to the topic of Houston and Atlanta as the league's new expansion locations.

Prior to the hint from Weekes though there was ESPN anchor John Buccigross dropping some bombshells via his social media. Buccigross has been with ESPN since 1996 and is well connected in the industry, and he outright claimed that Houston and Atlanta are in the NHL's crosshairs.

None of this is official at this time, but both Buccigross and Weekes appear to be strongly hinting at which way the wind is blowing.