Insiders leak details of Arizona Coyotes relocation.
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Insiders leak details of Arizona Coyotes relocation.

Several NHL insiders are sharing major details of a relocation believed to be taking place.

Jonathan Larivee

It appears the Arizona Coyotes have finally run out of chances in the desert.

On Friday night, news began to leak out regarding the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes after years of failure in the desert and multiple ownership changes all failed to establish a proper NHL market, team and facility in the state of Arizona. The news was first leaked when NHL insider Elliotte Friedman dropped a bombshell regarding the team's eventual move to Salt Lake City, Utah.

From Friedman:

According to several sources, Arizona Coyotes players and staff were informed before Friday’s game in Edmonton that the team is headed to Utah, and there will be attempts to help those affected visit Salt Lake City.

That is a bombshell of a report from the insider given the fact that this effectively means the Coyotes are finished as an organization, at least for the time being. That report has since been echoed by Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan, who on Friday night reported that the official announcement could be coming in just a few short days.

According to Morgan the official announcement will coincide with the conclusion of the regular season, a scenario that suggests to me that many fans in Arizona are about to be blindsided with the loss of their hockey team.

Stay tuned for details on this rapidly developing story.