'Interference' from Radko Gudas in Game 5 could lead to NHL rule change.

'Interference' from Radko Gudas in Game 5 could lead to NHL rule change.

A former NHL goaltender believes the league will adopt a new rule come the 2023-24 season.

Jonathan Larivee

A controversial incident in Friday night's Game 5 between the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs has garnered a ton of attention and discussion on social media, but now one former player is suggesting that it could even result in a change to how the National Hockey League officiates it's games moving forward.

On Saturday, former NHL goaltender turned NHL analyst Martin Biron revealed his belief that there will be a significant change made to the NHL's interference rule in the future. Biron, who is no doubt very well connected as both a former player and current employee of the Buffalo Sabres, was extremely confident in his opinion and even challenged his doubters to remember his message come next season.

"Mark this tweet," wrote Biron on Saturday.

"Next year the NHL will have a crack down on interference where the middle lane drive on 3v2 creates interference on the D like Gudas did on the OT goal. It wasn’t called all year so you’re not going to call it now but that will be addressed in the off season."

Biron is of course referring to the series-deciding goal scored by Panthers forward Nick Cousins, a goal where Gudas was a major factor despite not having the puck.

Biron seems extremely confident in his prediction, but only time will tell.