Investigators issue an update in cheating and game-fixing scandal from Sweden

Is the fix in?


Earlier this week Sportnset hockey insider Chris Johnston reported that Swedish Allsvenskan team Björklöven was being investigated after allegations that the team "fixed" or "took a dive" in their brutal 8-4 loss to rival team Mora. Björklöven was ahead 3-0 in the game when betting lines changed substantially, that's when everything went off the rails...

Check it out:

Björklöven's CEO, Anders Blomberg called the results "completely unacceptable" and in welcomed the a full investigation into the allegations. 

From the team's website translated from Swedish:

-I hope that this is sorted out properly and that we turn over all the stones that can be turned over. Only the suspicion is serious enough, but if it turns out to be true, it is of course completely unacceptable and something that must never occur in our association. These players are trained in what applies in Björklöven and this is so far from the culture we stand for, says Anders Blomberg, who after the match gathered the whole team and the coaching staff to talk through both the effort and the suspicions.
-I have an incredibly hard time believing that someone in Björklöven has been involved in such a type of activity. Of course, we welcome the fact that the question is being investigated whether there are now suspicions and speculations, says Anders Blomberg, who takes the opportunity to turn directly to the supporters.
- I am as disappointed as you after the loss, but I promise that we will do everything to come back stronger.

Well... that investigation has come to pass and Björklöven has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

From the team's website, translated from Swedish:

"The investigation shows that deviations in betting odds movements occurred from manual error at a betting company. As a result, there is no suspicion whatsoever that Björklöven or any individual within Björklöven participated in match-fixing", states Abbe Törsleff, Swedish Ice Hockey Association's Head of Security.
He continues: "We are grateful for the cooperation we received from all parties in recent days. I am glad that together we have come to these conclusions and the facts means we can free Björklöven from all suspicion of irregularities".

The discoveries come as a reflief to Blomberg who issued a statement saying, "We are Björklöven, and we'll rise again. Now it's time to look forward and focus on the challenges ahead, such as the upcoming game against AIK. I want to thank all those who have stood by our side through this."