Is Marc Bergevin preparing another offer sheet?!

He might be back at it!

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Last summer, the Montreal Canadiens dropped an absolute bomb on the hockey world by making an offer sheet to Carolina Hurricanes' forward Sebastian Aho. A first in the league since 2013.

Although Aho did accept and sign the Habs offer, it was quickly matched by the 'Canes that put an end to their hopes of getting their hands on a young star in the making.

If most reporters thought that the botched offer sheet would be the last one for another couple of years, Marc Bergevin could be back at it as soon as this summer.

Questionned by insider Pierre LeBrun from The Athletic if he had any regrets about it, Bergevin was clear: Not only does he not have any regret but he hasn't closed the door on another offer sheet comes July 1st if a player fits the bill and could come and help his team right away.

Seems like we might be in for another exciting summer after all!

You can watch the clip at the bottom.