Is this the end for Michael McCarron in Montreal?

Let's just say it's been extremely tough for him lately.

Is this the end for Michael McCarron in Montreal?

Is this the end for Michael McCarron in Montreal?

It looks like the huge #34, who was just sent down to the Habs' AHL affiliate team once again, has never been so far from landing a regular spot with the team who selected him in the first round of the 2013 NHL draft.

CBC/Radio-Canada journalist Guy D'Aoust believes the reason for this is pretty simple: he's simply not talented enough:

"The Montreal Canadiens' 2013 first round pick is just unable to get a spot in the NHL. Why? The answer is fairly easy: he's not good enough."

However, he mentions that Habs' management team must not give up on him, and that they should try as hard as they can to "save the poor McCarron," as D'Aoust says. He believes the 22-year-old forward should find a role model and try to play like him. He suggests New Jersey Devils' forward Brian Boyle:

"Boyle is 6-foot-6, just like McCarron.
He is also a former first-round pick (26th in 2003, while McCarron was 25th in 2013). He is now 32 years old. He earned a regular spot in the NHL for the first time when he was 25. He has been scoring 10 goals a year on average for eight years now. But he's useful. He has a physical style, he is strong and intimidating. And there is always a spot for him on a third or fourth line, wherever he plays.
Can McCarron become just like him? I believe so."

It's hard to tell if D'Aoust is right. In 59 games in the NHL, McCarron only scored two goals and five assists for seven points. Have you given up on him?