Islanders fans chant, “We don’t need you!” as Tavares returns

More love for JT from the Isles faithful.

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Former New York Islanders captain John Tavares returned to Nassau Coliseum this evening with the Isles hosting Tavares’ Toronto Maple Leafs.

You may recall that in Tavares’ first return to Long Island that Islanders fans absolutely RIPPED into their former captain, complete with throwing plastic snakes on the ice.

Check it out:


Well, tonight Isles fans are filling their boots yet again. Midway through the first period and Isles fans are serenading Tavares with chants of, “WE DON’T NEED YOU!”

Check it out:

I mean… it’s tough to argue. The Islanders have been a much improved team since Tavares left and head coach Barry Trotz took over in the summer of 2018. The Isles are currently 9-0-1 in their last 10 and are 5th place overall in NHL standings. The Leafs, by comparison, are 4-3-3 in their last 10 and 14th overall.