Islanders head coach Barry Trotz sends a clear threat to the Ottawa Senators.

An open threat from Barry Trotz.

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It sounds like we can expect an all out war the next time these two National Hockey League franchises will clash.

On Saturday night the New York Islanders took on the Ottawa Senators and although the Islanders would walk away triumphant in that contest, eventually taking the win by a margin of 4 - 2, it turned out to be a pretty rough night for the Islanders. The big story coming out of the game was the very unfortunate injury to veteran forward Matt Martin, an injury that was caused when the door to the Ottawa Senators bench came open and caused Martin to smash his knee into the side of that open door. It was clear that Martin was seriously injured on the play and on Sunday the Islanders would confirm that Martin will now miss somewhere in the range of 4 to 6 weeks as a result of the injury he sustained on the play. 

If you happened to miss the incident, it looks pretty awful:

It seems however that New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz felt that the Senators began to take liberties with his players after the gritty Martin was knocked out of the game, and after the Islanders were forced to play with a short bench as a result of the injury to Martin. In fact it now sounds like Trotz was downright angry at the way the Senators played following the injury to Martin, and on Sunday morning he came about as close as you can to issuing an open threat to the Senators and their players. The veteran had coach told reporters that he and his team would have a "long memory" as far as the Senators were concerned and added that he the Senators were targeting his forwards in an attempt to get them to fight while the Islanders were already playing with a short bench.

It is obvious what Trotz is trying to say here and that is what makes it all the more surprising given the fact that Trotz is normally a very calm and collected figure, at least publicly. You can rest assured however that we will be getting some major fireworks on the ice the next time these two teams face off against one another.