Isles fan screams insults right in Tavares’ face, gets the Leafs superstar to react

Classless and over the line or just exercising his rights as a fan? Either way this is brutal.

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In case you missed it last night, superstar John Tavares once again returned to his former home as the Toronto Maple Leafs took on the New York Islanders at Uniondale, NY’s Nassau Coliseum.

Tavares earned first star honors on the evening, after scoring the game winner, his first ever against the Islanders franchise.

Check it out:

The fan reaction is pretty much what you’d expect…

With this goal, Tavares has now officially scored a goal against all 31 NHL teams.

After the game though it wasn’t video of the goal that was generating buzz online, it was the bold actions of one angry Isles fan who managed to get Tavares’ ear while he served a penalty in the second period.

The fan berates Tavares while he sits in the box, calling him a snake, a liar and a phoney, among other things. Tavares clearly hears the mans taunts, as he looks him directly in the eye, but the harsh words didn’t seem to phase JT all that much. Still… it’s an absolutely brutal display that only proves to show just how angry and bitter a lot of Isles fans are over Tavares’ departure.

Check it out:

Man… how Tavares manages to compose himself is beyond me. It takes serious mental steeling to sit there and take abuse like that. On the other hand… what did Tavares expect when he walked away from the Isles franchise?