Isles fans lash out at Tavares in cringe-inducing video

Is this a Tim and Eric sketch? I can’t believe this was broadcast on-air.

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When Toronto Maple Leafs superstar John Tavares makes his long awaited return to Long Island later this wee, he’s expected to get an earful from the New York Islanders faithful.

Tavares, of course, turned his back on the Islanders in free agency and chose to sign a seven year deal with his hometown Leafs, breaking the hearts of thousands of Islanders fans along the way.

When JT returns to the Nassau Coliseum for Thursday night’s game against the Islanders it’s expected that he’ll receive an ovation of boos from fans who simply cannot forgive him for his decision to leave the franchise empty handed. Frankly though… it’s time to get over it, Isles fans. It sucks… no doubt about it. But your team is tops in the Metro Division and don’t seem to be missing Tavares at all. Let’s get over it shall we? 

Then again… when there are fans out there like this…. well maybe Long Island will never get over JT’s departure:

WTF was that? Is this a Tim and Eric sketch? That was so cringe inducing that it’s hard to believe it was broadcast live on air… but indeed it was. Yikes.