It is finally revealed what McDavid is really bad at!

McDavid isn't good at everything and his teammates think it's hilarious!

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Emily Kaplan did it again. The ESPN reporter has put together a list of things that Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid isn't great at. I mean, it's hard to believe that the young 20-year-old isn't good at everything: you've seen him dangle the puck, score unbelievable goals and be an all around stand up player. 

However, in Kaplan's article, she had teammates and close friends of McDavid revealed his biggest fear and what he just can't seem to do right. Bob Catalde, McDavid's billet dad for three years while he played in Erie revealed that the star forward is very afraid of spiders. He even wonders why his teammates have not pranked him yet... Maybe now they will. 

Teammate Daniel Nurse mentions that McDavid does not parallel park very well, that he probably cannot cook and that surprisingly enough, he is not good at video games - including hockey ones! 

It is also revealed that McDavid is not a morning person and that he is not good at any other sports. Hilarious!