It may be time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to start panicking.

An early disaster for the young and exciting Maple Leafs.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are doing everything to disguise the fact that they are facing down a real serious issue right now, and it's not working at all.

After five games this season it's safe to say that the acquisition of Frederik Andersen has been an unmitigated disaster thus far, with the young netminder not only failing to live up to expectations, but failing to live up to even a respectable standard of National Hockey League goaltending.

Andersen's numbers are catastrophic, with him recording a 4.29 goals against average and a frankly laughable .851 save percentage since the start of his career as a Maple Leaf. It's only becomes a tougher pill to swallow when you consider the fact that the Maple Leafs gave up a first round draft choice as well as a second round draft choice to make his acquisition.

Even head coach Mike Babcock who has repeatedly come to the defense of Andersen admitted last night to The Athletic's David Alter that Andersen needs to be better.

"He's a proud guy and it's very important that we support him, but he's got to get to work too and do his part. It's all part of being on a team. You've got to pick one another up. It didn't bounce his way tonight for sure. He's not feeling as good about himself as he should be. In order to do that you've got to earn the right to feel good by doing good work."

It's still early, so Andersen has time to bounce back, but he needs a drastic turn around to avoid this being a complete catastrophe for Toronto.