It's goalie on goalie in the ECHL!

It's goalie on goalie in the ECHL!

We have a goalie fight.

Jonathan Larivee

It was an ugly night for the Utah Grizzlies of the ECHL on Saturday night after they were thoroughly dominated by the Allen Americans who blew them out by 7 goals, eventually taking the win by a score of 8:1.

There wasn't a whole lot for the Grizzlies or their home crowd to celebrate as a result of the ugly loss, but I would wager that nonetheless most fans feel they got their money's worth in this one.

Although the Grizzlies didn't make it competitive as far as the score was concerned, they would not go down without a fight... literally. The Grizzlies, including goaltender Lukas Parik, decided that they were going to get their pound of flesh another way, by instigating a brawl on the ice.

At first it looked as though Allen Americans goalie Chase Perry wasn't sure about whether or not he should engage Parik, but after thinking about it for no more than a few seconds he was throwing fists with the opposing goaltender.