Jack Edwards called out for being “high as hell” on air.

Jack Edwards called out for being “high as hell” on air.

The Boston Bruins broadcaster is facing accusations of being intoxicated while calling the game today.

Jonathan Larivee

Voice of the Boston Bruins Jack Edwards has always been something of a controversial figure around the National Hockey League. Most hometown fans in Boston love his passion and dedication to the Bruins, but other fans feel he is too much of a homer when it comes to his calls regarding the Bruins.

On Sunday however, Edwards stirred up a different kind of controversy when a moment during a game between the Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes caught the attention of many who were watching it live. During the sequence in question, Edwards expressed disbelief that Hurricanes forward Jordan Martinook had gone uncalled for a penalty.

The problem was that the video replay didn't appear to show that Martinook had violated any rules, and making the situation even more awkward was Edwards laughing maniacally and even clapping during the replay.

This resulted in quite a few accusations of intoxication, some even coming from prominent hockey-related accounts on social media.

Spittin Chiclets suggested Edwards should "have another bong toke."

Heat Daddy suggested that Edwards was "high as hell" on air.

Edwards stumbling over himself in the broadcast certainly didn't do him any favors in this regard.

It has to be said that of course, none of this is evidence of the fact that Edwards was genuinely intoxicated on air. It seems far more likely that a number of personalities just took the opportunity to poke a little fun at an often controversial figure in the National Hockey League.