Jack Edwards destroys the Ottawa Senators organization with savage on air comments.

What a savage.

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Well Jack Edwards has always seemed like a guy that is not too bothered with how his comments or statements will be perceived by the outside world so hopefully he won't mind the fact that he has made himself a whole new host of haters in the Ottawa region this evening.

The infamous American sportscaster and play by play voice of the Boston Bruins organization has made a name for himself in the industry for his highly opinionated broadcast style as well as for what some would label as his home time bias for the Boston Bruins. I think it is more than fair to label Edwards a bit of a homer for the Bruins and he showcased that again on Saturday when he absolutely destroyed the team that the Bruins were playing in one of the most merciless verbal tirades I have seen during the broadcasting of a game in the National Hockey League. 

Edwards referred to the Ottawa Senators organization as a "train wreck" during his opening comments for the game and struggled to find any positive qualities at all to described the Ottawa Senators organization. Edwards would also go on to refer to the team as a complete "dumpster fire" some extremely harsh comments from a guy that gets paid to cover games in the league that is owned by the owners of the respective NHL franchises including Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Ottawa Senators.

Now I must admit that given some of the statements that Edwards has made during his time in the Boston Bruins broadcast boost this does not come as out of character but it is nonetheless shocking to hear one of the voice's of the National Hockey League so openly berate a team within that league. I will defend Edwards here a little in so much as it is true that the Ottawa Senators have been a complete catastrophe both on and off the ice from the very moment that they were eliminated from the Eastern Conference Final in what now feels like a lifetime ago. 

The Senators have been a public relations nightmare but even so I'm not so sure Melnyk will be too happy about his team being discussed in such a manner, and I have to wonder if Edwards may not get a talking to for this one.