Boston Bruins have replaced Jack Edwards behind the microphone

Fans have been concerned about the long-time Bruins broadcaster.



Passionate fans of the National Hockey League are very well acquainted with outspoken Boston Bruins television commentator Jack Edwards, who has become well known over the years for his polarizing broadcasting style and favoritism resulting in a treasure trove of verbal highlights. 

However, in recent months fans have become concerned about his well being, as his speech and talking patterns have not been the same and have led to rumors of his having suffered some kind of health problem. 

And for the next few games, Edwards will not be behind the microphone during Bruins broadcasts, instead being replaced by Alex Faust.

Apparently, this break for Edwards has been in the works for some time. 

Edwards has been calling Bruins games since 2005. Is this the beginning of the end for the iconic Bruins commentator? 

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Source: Twitter