Jack Edwards is at it once again!

There's no shortage of material with him behind the microphone.



Passionate fans of the National Hockey League are very well acquainted with outspoken Boston Bruins television commentator Jack Edwards, who has become well known over the years for his polarizing broadcasting style and favoritism resulting in a treasure trove of verbal highlights. 

Edwards found himself embroiled in controversy earlier this season when he appeared to fat-shame Tampa Bay Lightning forward Pat Maroon, stating that "inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like going four hours without a meal". 

During last night's 2-1 overtime win by the Bruins over the visiting Original 6 rival Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night, Bruins forward A.J. Greer was penalized and also assessed a ten-minute misconduct for instigating after he went after Toronto's Sam Lafferty for his hit on Matt Grzelcyk. 

Color commentator Andy Brinkley was the first to offer his thoughts: 

“I thought Greer went about it the right way,” Brickley said. “Yeah he’s the first one there and he wants to respond to the hit, but I thought he invited the fight from Lafferty and [Lafferty] accepted. To me that’s not an instigator.”

But in the mind of Edwards, the call was a result of what he thinks is a pro-Toronto bias from the officials. 

“Well, it is Toronto,” Edwards responded. 

And it wouldn't be long before Edwards was once again right back at it, implying that the on-ice officials are trying to help out the Leafs. 

“One shot on goal for the ref. As if they aren’t helping Toronto enough," Edwards said during the 2nd period. 

Edwards is not the first high profile figure to opine his belief that the League favors Toronto. Calgary Flames head coach Darryl Sutter said as much earlier in the season following what he left was an extremely one-sided game in terms of penalties dished out by the on-ice officials: