Jack Edwards trending on social media for awful reason

This is becoming a serious problem.



Passionate followers of the National Hockey League are undoubtedly familiar with the outspoken Boston Bruins television commentator, Jack Edwards. Over the years, he has gained notoriety for his polarizing broadcasting style and evident favoritism, resulting in a wealth of memorable verbal highlights.

But in recent months, fans have expressed concerns about Edwards' well-being, noting changes in his speech and communication patterns. These alterations have sparked rumors regarding potential health issues that he may have encountered.

Edwards, who has been calling Bruins games since 2005, has been trending on X (formerly known as Twitter) early in tonight's game against the Calgary Flames for all of the wrong reasons, with fans noting his incorrect pronunciations of player names along with yet again a noticeable decline in his speech pattern. 

Tonight is Edwards' first game back behind the microphone since January 22 after a brief absence, but there are more than a few fans who believe that he needs to be permanently replaced. 

While the man himself insisted earlier this season that he was in normal physical health, it's becoming more and more obvious that NESN (New England Sports Network) needs to have a serious conversation about moving on. 

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Source: Twitter