Jack Eichel on Phil Kessel headbutting his own teammate.
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Jack Eichel on Phil Kessel headbutting his own teammate.

The Vegas Golden Knights star forward shares an unbelievable story involving Phil Kessel.

Jonathan Larivee

Free agent National Hockey League forward Phil Kessel will go down as one of the most enigmatic players to ever play the sport of hockey at such a high level. In spite of having all of the talent in the world Kessel has always been something of an oddball to most fans and to hear his teammates talk about him he may very well be an oddity to them as well.

On a recent episode of the Empty Netters podcast, Vegas Golden Knights star forward and former Phil Kessel teammate Jack Eichel shared a hilarious story from their time together as members of the Golden Knights. In the story, Eichel goes on to describe how Kessel once accidentally headbutted a member of his own team just moments before a game.

"So we are playing a game in Ottawa and him and [Jonathan Marchessault] would always bicker back and forth about who would win in a fight," said Eichel already laughing through his words. "This is right before the game and they are flinching each other and they go to flinch each other but both of them go forward so they collide heads."

According to Eichel's version of events this was a pretty solid headbutt as well, one that left both men with noticeable damage from the impact.

"I'm actually in the training room doing something and Marchy walks in and he's holding his head and he's bleeding," said Eichel. "Two seconds later Phil walks in and he's like 'God damnit eh! Marchy headbutted me, look at this massive egg I've got on my head.'"

According to Eichel there was actually conversation about whether or not this could cost Kessel his Ironman streak, and Marchessault actually missed the opening warm ups due to the fact that he needed stitches to repair the damage.