Jack Eichel shares an important Phil Kessel hotdog update.

Jack Eichel shares an important Phil Kessel hotdog update.

The Vegas Golden Knights are celebrating their Stanley Cup victory and Phil Kessel is apparently having a great time.

Jonathan Larivee

The Vegas Golden Knights are having a great time as they celebrate their incredible Stanley Cup championship victory in just their 6th year in the National Hockey League, and it sounds like everyone is along for the ride.

In spite of the fact that he was not utilized by the Golden Knights during the Stanley Cup playoffs, forward Phil Kessel has been prominently featured in every part of the celebration and it would appear that includes the behind the scenes celebrations as well.

Kessel of course has developed something of a reputation for his love of hotdogs, and many fans were wondering if he would once again celebrate by eating the fast food speciality out of the Stanley Cup. We may have never learned the answer to that question were it not for Jack Eichel, but thankfully the Golden Knights star forward dropped an important hotdog update when it comes to his veteran teammate.

Eichel was asked on social media if Kessel had eaten any hotdogs out of the cup yet and Eichel took the time to respond and confirm that Phil in fact had done just that.

Phil Kessel: Nice guy, big fan of hotdogs, and now a 3 time Stanley Cup champion on top of it all.