Jack Hughes caught on video shouting “show me your t***!” to woman

Boys will be boys? Or is this something the 1st overall pick will have to own up to?

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This just in: Teenage boys can sometimes be disgusting idiots.

Case in point, New Jersey Devils first overall pick Jack Hughes who was caught earlier today making the “pull your shirt up” motion and shouting “ Show me your tits!” presumably to a young woman.

Check it out:

Hmmm… not a good look there, young lad.

Sure, Hughes is just a teenage boy and millions of teenage boys before him have done and said worse things while in the presence of a young woman but… c’mon man. You’re in the NHL. You’re a first overall pick. You can’t go around doing dumb stuff like this. It reflects poorly on yourself, your team and the entire NHL.

No word yet from Hughes or the Devils on this. Stay tuned.