Jackets’ Anderson proves concussion protocol is a complete failure!

His comments have been heard loud and clear…

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For years now, former NHL player Dan Carcillo has been adamant that the league isn’t dealing with concussions the right way, one that will allow players to be correctly looked after so life-threatening consequences aren’t haunting them in their daily life. 

The league updated their concussion protocol a few seasons ago, however on Wednesday, Columbus Blue Jackets’ Josh Anderson made it clear it remains a debatable practice that isn’t taken as seriously as it should. 

While there are no hard feelings toward Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy for his high hit to his head during Game 6 of the second round series, Anderson did admit that his return to the contest might have been premature. 

When asked about undergoing the concussion protocol before being cleared to return for the third period, here is what Anderson had to say: 

"It’s the playoffs. You have to. I was cleared and ready to go." 
How’d you feel in third?
"Not great."

McAvoy hit Anderson in the head with 20 seconds left in the second period. Most experts will say that the protocol takes a less 15 minutes to undergo - which is just a bit under how much time Anderson was off the ice to recuperate from the hit. 

Knowing that he went back to play with full intensity and desperation makes you wonder about the protocol and the overall safety of players. 

But, hey, if you ask NHL commissioner Gary Bettman: there is no problem in the league with head traumas and concussions. 

Sometimes, it feels like it was Bettman who was dropped on his head...