Jacob Trouba crushes Andreas Athanasiou with a huge hit.

Jacob Trouba crushes Andreas Athanasiou with a huge hit.

Trouba brings the pain.

Jonathan Larivee

New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba is known for using his physical attributes to deliver punishing hits to his opposition on the ice and on Saturday night the Chicago Blackhawks were his most recent victims.

The Rangers captain was clearly frustrated by an uninspired performance from his fellow Rangers on home ice at Madison Square Garden, so with the Rangers down 3 goals late in the second period Trouba took it upon himself to attempt to give his team a wakeup call.

That wakeup call would come in the form of a devastating hit to Blackhawks forward Andreas Athanasiou, one that sent Athanasiou horizontal before he finally came crashing down to the ice.

The hit would lead to further chaos on the ice between the Blackhawks and the Rangers, but much to Athanasiou's credit he was able to bounce back to his feet and skate away from the scene of the crash looking none the worse for wear.

Here it is again in slow motion: