Jacob Trouba crushes Tomas Nosek with a devastating hit.

Jacob Trouba crushes Tomas Nosek with a devastating hit.

The captain of the New York Rangers showed Tomas Nosek no mercy on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba has a reputation around the National Hockey League for his ability, and willingness, to deliver devastating hits to his opponents. Therefore, opponents tend to keep their heads on a swivel around Trouba, a lesson that Tomas Nosek unfortunately had to learn the hard way on Saturday night.

The New Jersey Devils forward thought he had a chance to secure the go-ahead goal for his team in the opening period, but instead he found himself on a set of tracks that led him straight into the path of a freight train. As Nosek attempted to make a play in front of the Rangers net, Trouba crushed Nosek with a devastating hit that left the Devils forward down on the ice.

Following the impact, Nosek struggled to get back to his feet. The Devils forward did eventually get up under his own power, using the Rangers' net to help him regain his feet, but would immediately head back into the Devils locker room following the big hit from Trouba.