Jacob Trouba 'elbow' takes out Evan Rodrigues in Game 3.

Jacob Trouba 'elbow' takes out Evan Rodrigues in Game 3.

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba is sent to the box after an ugly hit on Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues.

Jonathan Larivee

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba could very well be in a bit of trouble with the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety over this incident.

Trouba once again finds himself at the center of controversy, this time in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, after taking out Florida Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues with a clear shot to the head.

Trouba was attempting to deliver a hit on Rodrigues but was beat by the Panthers forward on the play and as a result Trouba extended his forearm out in an effort to stop Rodrigues from getting past him. The end result was Trouba extending his forearm out the right side of his body, catching Rodrigues in the head in the process and sending him down to the ice.

Here is a look at the play in slow motion from the clearest angle:

Trouba was awarded a penalty on the play for 'elbowing' although it was more of a forearm to the head of Rodrigues than it was the tip of the elbow.

Rodrigues left the game and has yet to return, which could also be another bad sign for Trouba when it comes to any further discipline from NHL Player Safety.