Jacob Trouba takes a baseball swing at Trent Frederic's head.

Jacob Trouba takes a baseball swing at Trent Frederic's head.

An ugly incident involving Boston Bruins forward Trent Frederic and the captain of the New York Rangers.

Jonathan Larivee

There is a segment of the National Hockey League's fan base that is in an uproar over the actions of New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba this weekend.

On Saturday, the Rangers faced off against the Boston Bruins in what turned out to be an excellent afternoon game between the two squads. Although the game itself was an intense back and forth affair, all of the talk coming out of the game has been on an incident involving the aforementioned Trouba and Bruins forward Trent Frederic.

The incident occurred during the opening minutes of the game's second period, with the teams tied up at 3 goals a piece, after a stoppage in play in front of the Rangers' net. There was a brief scuffle in front of the net, including physicality between Frederic and Trouba, which would eventually lead to Trouba swinging his stick like a baseball bat at the head of Frederic.

Thankfully it wasn't the most devastating blow you're ever going to see, but it was shocking nonetheless.

Here it is from a different angle:

The National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety has issued Trouba a $5,000 fine for his infraction, but many feel that a harsher punishment should be handed down to the Rangers captain. Ron MacLean openly questioned the NHL's decision on Hockey Night in Canada.

"That's unbelievable, how can that only be a $5,000 fine?" asked McLean during the broadcast.

McLean's co-host and former NHL player Kevin Bieksa described the incident as a "Fred Flintstone" type of swing, clearly feeling that Trouba clubbed his opponent.

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