Jagr makes surprising statement on his role with the Flames

Jagr sets the record straight!

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Jaromir Jagr is finally returning to the National Hockey League this season, but seeing that he is 45 years old, the veteran is aware that the circumstances surrounding his role will change. 

On Monday, Jagr agree to a one-year contract with the Calgary Flames. The team already has tons of depth, meaning that Jagr will feature prominently on the third or fourth line, but he is just fine with that. 

"I'm not against it," Jagr said, according to "I can play against third or fourth lines of the opposing teams in that case. Let's see how it's gonna fit me and what I can do there."

The fact that the number of opportunities for him to make a return was few and far between, Jagr is realistic about his return. 

"One thing is there were not many options (in the NHL)," Jagr said. "The offers have been much alike. But the factor for me was also that Calgary had been in play since the beginning; not very intense, but there have been some talks all the time. Then (the) St. Louis Blues experienced some unpleasant things, many injuries. But those players will come back during the season. I would be kind of a supplement there. (In Calgary) I can still take it as some real chance."