Jake DeBrusk as good as gone from Bruins?

Are his days in Boston numbered?



What exactly does the future hold for Boston Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk? 

As you know, he's playing in the final season of the two-year deal that he signed after taking back his previous trade request, and can become a free agent this offseason. And according to an NHL source, DeBrusk could be considered a "rental" - but its unclear whether or not it will be with his current team or if he'll be shipped elsewhere. 

“Does he wind up back west as a playoff rental for a contender out there – we’ve all heard the Oilers rumors – or does he become a playoff rental for the Bruins,” an unnamed NHL source explained to Boston Hockey Now. “It sure doesn’t seem like he’s signing an extension – if he signs one – before the season’s over.”

Not surprisingly and in a similar manner as most players talking about their futures, DeBrusk recently reiterated that his desire is to remain with the Bruins. 

“Yeah, of course,” Debrusk answered about a potential extension. “That’s what I’ve been consistent with since – I think the first time I was asked was in the summer – but yeah. This is all I know, and I grew up here and have obviously evolved and grown in different ways. It’s one of those things where I want to win here. We were one game away in ’19, and I want to win a Cup here in Boston. So that’s my complete focus.”

But in the words of NHL analyst Pierre McGuire, don't be surprised to see DeBrusk end up with one of the two Alberta NHL teams. 

“Here’s what I do know: If the Bruins don’t sign him – and, I don’t know if they will or won’t, I’m sure they value him – I guarantee an Alberta team will offer him a major contract,” NHL analyst Pierre McGuire said on a recent Eye Test Podcast. “I guarantee you, whether it’s Edmonton or Calgary, he’s going to be taken care of in the province of Alberta. That’s if Boston doesn’t sign him, and that’s not a scare tactic; it’s reality. I mean, there’s a need for that type of player.”

In 57 games played this season, DeBrusk has scored 13 goals with 14 assists for the Atlantic Division-leading Bruins. He's appeared in 442 career NHL games, scoring 132 goals and 121 assists along with 95 PIM. 

The NHL Trade Deadline this year is March 8, and is quickly approaching with just under two weeks to go. 

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